Wednesday, 1 January 2014

My Lessons for a New Year

Well, 2013 is now history and I had some hard but necessary lessons to learn in that beastly year, some pleasant ones too.  Thought I would share some of that tough tutelage that will most definitely guide me in my 2014 sojourn.
  1. Trust what God has put in your heart.  He is faithful and true and will never lead you astray.
  2. Learn from the light in a child's eyes...every moment is ripe for a new and wonderful discovery.
  3. Live You and live You out loud... or quietly, whatever is truly You.
  4. Listen to what people have to say, but make your own decisions.
  5. Apologise to the people you have hurt and do your best never to hurt them again.
  6. Decisions made out of fear can be detrimental to your life.  When you decide to face your biggest fears, it's then you realise that you made them out to be much more than they really were.
  7. Bottled up emotions, past trauma and bad experiences need to be dealt with as a matter of urgency.  When they explode, too many people experience the fallout.
  8. Ask for what you want.  Hiding it, or denying it, won't make the want go away.
  9. Be who you are by all means.  That's who people really need to see and that's who you need to be.
  10. Take a break and tune into who you are, what makes you tick and how you must live.  You'll be miserable if you do it any other way.
  11. Be thankful for where you've been, but you don't have to go back there.
  12. You must take the time to treasure and appreciate the ones you love. But you must take more time to listen and understand their hearts' desires.
  13. Take the time to listen carefully to your child/children; learn about that person whom you have the honour of raising and understand that God's plan for that child/those children is greater than any of your own dreams for him/her/them
  14. Love, in fact, conquers all...fuh real

Got any lessons of your own to share?  I'd love to hear them.

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