Monday, 25 November 2013

Passion counts

This one is not an article, it's a poem and a spin off from my last post Your Dream Job?... Not! It's a also forerunner to my next full post where I share some thoughts from an interview with Cheryl 'Nyara' Gittens of Connect with Your Passion Life coaching.

Passion Counts

Competence is great
Skill is fantastic
Being Proactive and results-driven counts for alot
Having experience and the right qualifications always helps
Knowing the right people is a 'feather in your cap'
But the work doesn't stop being a job unless it is your passion.

I want to thank everyone who has read and commented so far.  In particular, for this short series on how we deal with work and our jobs, got to say thanks to +Andrea Sealy for her Straighttalk comment on the last post. She says:

"I enjoy certain aspects of my job, but not everything...and this is my "dream" job (for want of a better word). I studied with the intention of going into academia and research, which I am doing at present. But this is to say...even when you get into what you want to do...there are days/weeks where ya gotta grin and bear it. I look for new challenges, and various aspects to channel my energies into, which thank God, I have some flexibility to do. Thanks for posting this and other very pertinent topics on the blog!!!"

Is there such a thing as a 'dream job'?  Let me know if you have a clue.


  1. When people ask me how do I work hard and not be stressed...I simply say, "I have a passion for what I do". Passion is what leads one to keep looking for new challenges, new opportunities to pursue. So even if you feel like you're in a dead-end job, you can find fulfilment elsewhere, find something else to be passionate about to get you through trying times; and even if you're in your "dream job" you can keep it exciting and that passion will continue to burn.

  2. Big thanks again Andrea! Look out for what Cheryl Nyara of Connect with Your Passion has to say on this subject.