Saturday, 16 November 2013

Your Dream Job?... Not!

Let's face it, most of us don't get the opportunity to do exactly what we're best at everyday.  Despite how much we read about strategies to find out what truly drives us, we continue in jobs we don't enjoy and that don't even adequately pay the bills.  If you're in this position, I have six (6) tips, Straight Up, to help you deal with your misery.

1.  Forget about enjoyment and just do it

You may be so focused on your idea of 'enjoying' your job (whatever 'enjoyment' may mean to you) that you're not taking the time to learn more in your work environment.  Result?  Stagnation, boredom, even less 'enjoyment', low productivity and even the risk of being let go.

Do your job. Learn more about what makes the business run. Learn more about what other people do.  Just take the time to learn.  No one is going to give you your dream job if you're just a miserable, stagnant complainer.

2.  Tell Your Boss

Risky? Yes.  Honest?  Absolutely!  If you don't enjoy what you do, don't lie.  Say what you don't enjoy, but you better make sure that (a) you're very good at what your don't enjoy and (b)you can clearly articulate what you're better at and how you are willing to help in that area to demonstrate that you can make a shift.

3.  Get a life

If your life at work is hellish then make sure that when you exit the gates of purgatory every day that you enjoy the heck out of the rest of the day.

4.  PRAY

Why is this word such taboo these days?  Listen, if no one else is listening to you, God will.  Pray without ceasing for the change you need and then act as if change is certain.

5.  Make Your Lunch Break Count

Passionate about something else?  Do it during your lunch break.  Read about at lunch, watch the 'how to' videos on your tablet or phone, while taking a bite.  Immerse yourself in it for that moment and then... get back to work.

6.  Start the 'I hate my job' Club

When all of your club members get together, you'll get so sick of hearing each other complain all the time, you may actually decide to do something useful, like swap jobs, or find new jobs, or start a business.

You know, in the end, who says we have to enjoy work?  It's WORK!  It's NECESSARY!  When work became something that we do for money, enjoyment of it became irrelevant.

Love it or hate it, I'd love your comments on this post, or just share your ideas on how we can defeat work misery. 


  1. Dianne this is so true. Sometimes we are stuck in a job that means nothing to us beside paying the bills but I love what you said. Channel your hate or dislike of it into learning how each area functions and then you may become engaged in some other area or see a way you can make something better and act on it. But in most cases the stagnant complainers do not want to work hard and it takes a little hard work to enjoy something that may not be so enjoyable or bring it to the point where you can enjoy it. Great thoughts here Dianne!

    1. Thanks for your comments Marilyn. No use complaining, right? Hope you keep reading and commenting ofcourse. Take good care.

  2. You put on your WORK cloak and you wear your masked smile. Get through your day, week, month. Collect your wages/salary. Find enjoyment in other areas of your life, Its just a job. It's how you pay your bills and buy your food.

    1. I've got more thoughts on this Marleen. Look out for them and thanks for your comments as usual. Keep reading.

  3. I enjoy certain aspects of my job, but not everything...and this is my "dream" job (for want of a better word). I studied with the intention of going into academia and research, which I am doing at present. But this is to say...even when you get into what you want to do...there are days/weeks where ya gotta grin and bear it. I look for new challenges, and various aspects to channel my energies into, which thank God, I have some flexibility to do. Thanks for posting this and other very pertinent topics on the blog!!!!

    1. Thanks Andrea. I had a saying once which captures what you said..."Take the good with the bad and just roll with it". In any case I'm glad you know you are in your dream job.