Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Six Things You Need to Know About Men Before You Get Into a Relationship

Men are amazing beings.  We women get mesmerized by their special skills, talents and physiques but we have to learn much more about them before we can grow in a relationship with them. 

1. They Are Not women 

Sounds obvious, I know, but men just don't think like women do.  So if you want to know the answer to a question don't look for emotional cues, you'll never understand them.  Ask straight questions to get straight answers.  Then for heaven's sake, take the answer as it is.  If he says " You look great in that dress", that's just what it means.  It doesn't mean "I want to marry you."


2.  Sex Means A lot, But It's Not Everything

If you think men use you as a measure of their manly performance in bed, you're right.  Men need to feel that sense of having performed well, sexually and otherwise.  Don't be fooled into thinking you've got him on 'lock' if you stroke his sexual ego though.  When he's looking for the 'right one', he's more likely to choose the lady who will allow him to be a protector, performer, provider and procreator.  In other words, the one who lets him be the man.


3.  It Isn't Easy for Him to be Faithful

A man is wired for sexual attraction.  When he makes a commitment to you, he's done a really difficult thing.  He suppresses the urge to experience a manly rush with other women.  Acknowledge his commitment.  Be good to him.


4.  He Needs to See His Mum in You: That Makes You Worthy

Even if she wasn't the most upstanding person, a man, in most cases, can't help but find some strengths in his mother.  Having more of his mother's good qualities makes you inherently more valuable.


5.  Having Children Terrifies Them but Fatherhood is 'Kinda Cool'

The difference here is in the details.  For such logical minded beings, men are petrified by the logistics of taking care of children: diaper changes, potty training, choosing formula, that's a blur.  But there is no greater sense of pride than being called 'Dad', providing for their children's needs and being acknowledged as a father.  Great men get a handle on the logistics and bask in the great glory of 'Daddy-dom'.

6.  He's As Strong As Your Support For Him

Want to see a man thrive?  Throw your support behind him, endorse him, say good things about him, spin his negatives into positives and TELL HIM.  He thrives on hearing it and your relationship will be the better for it.


  1. Hi Dianne. Again, very true. Well said.

  2. Thanks Marleen. Takes us a while to learn some of these things right? I'm hoping this will help some sisters treat their guys right.